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The best eToro Traders to copy in August 2017

As you guys know I am quite a fan of the social trading platform etoro. So in today’s post I wanted to share some of the best etoro traders you can copy in August 2017.

Btw if you don’t know what social trading is checkout my other blog post where I explain social trading first.

The best eToro Traders to copy in August 2017:

#1 Wesl3y – Up 86.82% over the last 12 months
Wesl3y is among the most popular traders on etoro with about 2200 Traders that copy his trades.About 85% of his portfolio is in stocks ( mostly growth stocks ) and he also has a mix of Cryptocurrencies & commodities.

Check Wesl3ys’ stats on etoro to get a feel of what he invests in and copy him as well if you like. He is one of the guys that is generating steady returns for thousands of his followers!

Another great etoro trader that you should check out is :
#2 AlexPlesk – Up 116.61% over the last 12 months

3 digit growth is virtually unheard of but this guy makes it happen. Similar to Wesl3y he has most of his portfolio in stocks (~77% as of today) with a mix of Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Commodities. Alex has over 6000 people copying his account and I am pretty sure they’re happy about it.

Check AlexPlesk’s etoro profile here and see what he is doing. He is definitely among the people I would recommend to copy.

Last but not least here is another one of the most popular traders on etoro.

One of the trader’s I personally like because of his returns and long (average of 6months+) holding times is reinhardtcoetzee

#3 reinhardtcoetzee – Up 46.15% over the last 12 months. He has a slightly lower risk score than the other guys and he is someone I would recommend if you’re looking for steady return with less risk compared to many other traders on the platform. He has about 1500 followers and 95% of his portfolio is in stocks ( including trusted companies such as facebook, NVidia etc).

Keep in mind that their previous track records are no guarantee for future returns but you can increase your chances of making money in the markets by copying other successful investors.

If you’re new to investing I also recommend to read my best investing audiobooks article.

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