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Make money with Bitcoin before it is too late


Think you missed out on the cryptocurrencies boom? Don’t worry there is still money to be made and experts expect Bitcoin to go up to $50.000 and more !

The market is still growing strong and there is still time to make money. (The faster you start investing the better though as it keeps growing).  A lot of people ask me how and where to buy bitcoin & Ethereum so in today’s blog post I will explain a little more about finding a trusted broker and which one I am personally using.

Update from August 13: Bitcoin just broke $4000!
Update from August 15: Bitcoin surges to $4400!

A lot of people have the problem that they do want to start investing but they don’t know how. They think it is overly complicated to invest in Bitcoin but the truth is that it isn’t complicated at all and that there are professional brokers that offer you to buy & sell bitcoins.  If you have an email address and a Bank Account you are pretty much ready to go. Of course you will have to declare to pay taxes on your gains later when you withdraw but that will come later.

You probably heard of all the people earning cash with stocks & cryptocurrencies (unless you live under a rock) like bitcoin & ethereum. Bitcoin grew from $1000 to $3500+ and Ethereum from $8 to $310 in 2017 so far. The hype is still not over and Wall Street professionals expect Bitcoin to reach as much as $50.000.

“Speaking on CNBC’s Fast Money, Fundstrat Global Advisors managing partner Tom Lee said Bitcoin has the potential to rival gold as a safe haven asset, … it could be worth as much as $25,000 to $50,000 a share,” Lee told CNBC.

If you still want to get in on the bitcoin gold rush then don’t worry there is still time and Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. Let me tell you how you can still buy and profit from this.

It’s not as hard as you think and a lot of Brokers exist right now that allow you to buy bitcoin ( not all are trusted though ).  What is important when choosing a broker that it is approved by some form of local authority and that your money is safe.

You also don’t need at least $4000 to invest in bitcoin. It is also a common misconception that you need to buy 1 coin. You don’t have to buy at least one coin to invest. You can invest a fraction of that into bitcoin CFDs and earn when the bitcoin price increases. For example you could buy $100 worth of bitcoin CFDs. Let’s say it doubles as expected. You can simply exit your position and withdraw your $200 – fees.

So what platform should you use to invest in Bitcoin ?

The broker I am personally using is called eTORO. Etoro is a social trading platform and is authorised and regulated by European Authorities. Every transaction on the site is secured.

I mean if you want to invest you want your money to be as safe as possible. Etoro has been around for almost 10 years and has millions of Users. By the way: they also allow virtual accounts so if you are not comfortable with putting in real money yet simply create your account on their site and use virtual cash to test first. Signing up is 100% free and all you need is a email address. After you see your first gains I strongly suggest you to deposit some real funds so you won’t miss out when it keeps rising.

So if you’re ready to invest and earn here are the simple steps to follow to get started

  1. Create your free eToro broker account
  2. Get comfortable with their interface by using the virtual money. Don’t wait too long though the price is increasing almost daily now!
  3. Deposit funds once you feel comfortable.
  4. Withdraw or re-invest your gains to your Bank Account or Paypal ( they offer quite a few options)

Keep in mind that your money is at risk if you are investing but as you can see on the news the CryptoCurrencies are going through a boom that hasn’t been seen before and turned ten-thousands of normal People into Millionaires. Cryptocurrencies are not a fad anymore. Bitcoin and Ethereum are featured almost daily on trusted news outlets like CNBC and the prestigious Wall Street Journal which will only help to boost the value. Bitcoin also has been accepted as a official currency in Countries such as Japan and Russia and many more are expected to follow soon.

Am sure you also heard the story of Erik Finman who is now one of the thousands of bitcoin millionaires who invested early. But he isn’t selling because he is expecting it to go even higher!

bitcoin millionaire


“Erik Finman thinks its best days are still ahead. “Personally I think bitcoin is going to be worth a couple hundred thousand to a million dollars a coin,” he said.

Here is a quick sample :

Imagine you invest $500 usd today and it grows 100 fold as expected? you would cash out a cool $50.000 that you could use to pay of your mortgage or buy something for yourself. Or re invest it and gain even more. The market isn’t only for a selected few anymore. Companies like Etoro leveled the playing field and investment opportunities aren’t just available to the rich. Everybody with a eToro account can start trading within minutes.

Create your free eToro account today to avoid missing out and get started. Trust me you don’t want to miss this Gold Rush and you will kick yourself for waiting so long (again!?) when you see it breaking $10.000+ and read about it in the news.

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  1. I bought at $ 2500 and am extremly happy. Almost doubled within 45days

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